Saturday, May 31, 2014

Night of the Unicorn

Our date at the Unicorn in Aylsham was a smash. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night - honorable mentions to Denise, Trevor and Paul (you are stars); Phil and Lynne; Rachel and Roo and the gang from Roadkill; and landlord Martin, who clearly likes the same music we do.

You can listen to a few tracks from the gig here.

We'll be back at the Unicorn on 17 October and we're already looking forward to it.

This picture shows what it meant to us …


On a more musical note (A-flat), Craig had a couple of new additions to his dazzling array of very shiny cymbals, one of which was this:


No, kids, it's not upside down - it's supposed to be like that. It's called a Chinese cymbal and when struck goes … well, think of up-market dustbin lid.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another One at the Trowel and Hammer

The Trowel and Hammer in Norwich liked us so much when we played there last that when a cancellation came up we were their first call. Astute readers of our Gigs page will therefore notice that we're playing there on Saturday 7 June, as well as Saturday 12 July.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Roadkill - The Movies

Don Pedro got so worked up at Roadkill that he shot us. Luckily he missed all vital organs and the band is recovering in hospital. You can watch the results as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rockin' At Roadkill

We like bikes. We like biker gear. We like biker music.

We like bikers - who are the finest people in the world, in our experience.

Just back from playing at the Spring Event at Roadkill. As last year we brought the good weather with us.

There was good music, good company, good food and good drink, washed down with Stealer, and a special guest appearance from Catweazle. Despite the fact that Henry's synth played everything a tone sharp during one song, and Craig had only remembered to bring his left-handed drumsticks, everyone was kind enough to say they enjoyed it.

There's video from the event as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Thanks, as ever, to Rachel and Roo and everyone at Roadkill, and to everyone who came - the event raised £960 for the Air Ambulance.

Here are some happy snaps from a glorious May afternoon in Cromer. IMG_8607IMG_8600 IMG_8601 IMG_8604 IMG_8603 IMG_8614 IMG_8602 IMG_8611 IMG_8615 IMG_8599 IMG_8613 IMG_8610
Who let Catweazle in?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Breaking June

What's left for May?

Well, this Sunday - 25th May - we'll be playing once again at Roadkill Customs in Cromer. Hope to see you there!

Then, on Friday 30th May we'll be at the Unicorn in Aylsham. Don't be lulled by the olde-worlde exterior: Aylsham's a real rock'n'roll town, and the last gig we played at the Unicorn was a blast.

We'll be taking a break in June for sport-related reasons. We only had one date in June, anyway - on 14th at the Green Gate in Caister. But when we realised that this would clash with the England-Italy game we decided that the best course would be an honorable retreat. Stealer is a great band, and all, but we felt that we couldn't take on England and Italy at the same time, even with Henry in the peak of match fitness, as he is.

This doesn't mean that we won't be meeting regularly at the Secret Location to work up new stuff, oh dear me no.

After the break we'll see you again on 5 July when we headline the Highway Hunters Bike Fest at the Greyhound in Tibenham.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Roadkill Customs

Last year we had a great time playing at the Roadkill Customs Spring charity event. Good people, good food, lots of shiny bikes. And trikes. And vintage trucks. And we liked it so much that we'll be playing this year's event.

This Saturday, 25 May, 12 noon 'til 4. We'll be playing from 1 pm.

Roadkill Customs, Old Station Yard, Upper Norwich Road, Cromer NR27 0HF. All contact details and directions here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Follow The Band On Twitter

We might be a load of old codgers whose musical taste doesn't extend much further forward than around 1976, but we're hip to the latest technical trends, we'll have you know. In particular, you can now follow us on Twitter.

So tune in your device, iGadget or whatever and follow us on @StealerClassicR.

This way you'll get immediate, up-to-the-minute news of gigs and other band-related stuff. Not to mention some of the other fairly random bits and pieces which float past Henry's deranged mind, as they happen.

Go on, you know you want to.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ch-ch-ch Changes

Oh noes! Paul Noon, Stealer's lead vocalist for the past two years - will be leaving the band in July.

It's hard not to be sad, given how much he's given to the band. If we weren't big and tough, we might cry.

Oh, heck, let's cry anyway.

(Sniffle. Sob.)

That's better. But the show, as they say, must go on. The quest for the Big Man's replacement starts here. But who could it be? Who could possibly replace Paul's titanic and terrifically towering tonsils?

Perhaps you know someone who could fit the bill? Hang on, it could even be you. If it is, try the following short quiz:

1. Do you happen to have the kind of voice that's powerful enough to register on the Richter Scale, and can go high enough to confuse passing bats? You do?

2. Do you have the kind of personality that would make most fire-breathing dragons want to stay at home in bed; make David Coverdale plead the 'eadaches and have Gene Simmons run sobbing to the lavatory? You have?

3. Are you totally committed to the Gods of 100% Classic Rock? You are?

That's brilliant! You scored three out of a perfect pair three! You could be Stealer's next lead singer!

Don't delay! Drop us a line right away!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stepping Westward

Stealer is always looking for new gigs in new places - well, one's come up, quite a way from our usual stomping grounds. We're down to play at the Maid's Head in Kings Lynn, a regular gig venue for those in the western part of Nelson's County. It's not for a while, though - 29th November. But good things always come to those who wait.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What A Party That Was...

Our friend Mark W. has been through more than most, so we were dead chuffed to be invited to play his 50th birthday bash tonight. It was a blast! Happy birthday Mark - may there be many more.

They sure went the whole hog...

full band shot courtesy Mark Sayer

full band shot courtesy Mark Sayer

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Would You Like Stealer Round Your Parts?

For the past few years Stealer has been playing in much the same corner of the world.

As corners of the world go, it's very nice.

We like it.

But we'd quite like to see some other corners.

So, if you'd like Stealer to come to your particular corner of the world - corners too far away for any band member to casually drop in - would you care to lobby your local music venue for us?

We're happy to play anywhere in the Eastern Region of England, broadly defined. Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Herts, Beds, Northants, Lincs. You get the idea.

To help you, we're happy to send you a few of our shiny business cards (pictured), which you can offer to venues, urging them to contact us.

Just drop us an email with your address and we'll get them round your parts.