Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nix No-Noise Nimbies Now!

All fans of live music should get behind this petition [no matter that the writer has trouble with his English - 'innumerate' instead of 'innumerable'. Doh. Ed.]

It calls on the government to block those moving into premises near pre-existing live music venues from objecting to noise from said venues.

At the moment, just one complaint from a nearby nimby can close down a pub or club, taking away someone's livelihood and reducing live entertainment opportunities for bands and fans alike.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Down To Earth

While you were all outside lighting sparklers and setting off rockets, the new line-up - complete with singer Iain - got down to work at the Secret Location, bashing out the bones of no fewer than five new numbers. 

We have a lot to get through as we've given the old set a thorough clean-out. Many of the old stalwarts have been put back in the toy cupboard and we're going to be trying out a whole raft of new tunes.

I shouldn't really tell you what we were working on, but as you asked so nicely, they were 'Empty Rooms' (Gary Moore), 'All The Way From Memphis' (Mott The Hoople), 'You Better You Bet' (The Who), 'Nothing Else Matters' (Metallica) and 'Turn It On Again' (Genesis). As we were packing up, Gary, Craig and Kevin jammed on 'Day Of The Eagle' (Robin Trower), so we'll fling that one in, too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A New Arrival

Hope against hope, snatching the jaws of victory from defeat and so on and so forth in like fashion, we seem to have … deep breath … a new singer.

It happened like this.

Guitar Gary went to see local band Mother Black Cap performing at the weekend. We knew from way back that singer Iain Jackson was keen to join us, but the stars had never lined up properly.

Iain and Gary went to the gents and exchanged bodily fluids telephone numbers, the upshot being that Iain came to join us at the Secret Location earlier today, and, well, not to put to fine a point on it, and buttering no parsnips, but Iain is now the lead vocalist of Stealer.


But wait, not so fast.

Iain has still to fulfil his remaining commitments with Mother Black Cap and has some other projects on the go, so you won't be seeing the new-look Stealer for a few months yet. We're currently booking dates for the Spring of 2015. But this will give us all the opportunity to give the set a long-overdue clear out, and to get some new numbers into the show.

Once again, thanks to all our friends far and near for their continuing support through our recent near-death experience.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

End Of An Era

Unable to find a lead singer, Stealer is going into indefinite hibernation mode. The band would like to thank our many friends for their support over the years.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Singer and Gig Update

A quick note that due to a diary malfunction our gig at the Unicorn in Aylsham on 17 October has been postponed to 22 November.

In the meantime we've been auditioning for singers. We haven't found the right one yet - so if you think you have what it takes … get in touch with us immediately, if not sooner.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lady Of The Lake and Jub Club Gigs CANCELLED

Sadly we have had to cancel our gigs at the Lady of the Lake in Oulton Broad on 12 September, and at the Jubilee Club in Loddon on 4 October, as Smurf has been taken seriously ill and has had to bow out of the band. Other cancellations may follow - watch this space for announcements.

Apologies to all concerned for any inconvenience caused - and everyone sends their fondest wishes to Smurf and his wife Bobbie in this difficult time. Though Smurf never actually got to gigging with us, we really took to him. not just because of his big voice, but his big personality and his big heart. Get well soon, mate!

Meanwhile we are looking for a replacement. We've been auditioning at the Secret Location and so should soon be able to make an announcement.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stealer Goes West

Stealer goes west with a booking at the Ostrich Inn in Peterborough on Saturday 13 December. This is a sign - we hope - of us spreading our wings. Not that spreading your wings does you much good if you're an ostrich, of course.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

High Noon

As singer Paul hurries off to meet the Noon train, here are a few happy snaps of the man in action from the past two years.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rock Bodham

Just back from playing a 40-minute set at Rock Bodham, which was a lot of fun … and the last gig we'll play with Paul Noon before he retires to oil his rod.
Gary wasn't feeling himself, so Paul felt him instead.
Other bands included The Gentlemen - a band from Cromer Academy featuring Jack Blair, a young guitarist to watch; The Indebtors; The Generals; Sophie G and the Good Times (sadly minus Sophie G); fun punksters Under The Radar, and following us, Drop The Clutch - an excellent covers band. That's when we all left so we didn't see SPOT, the Yow Yows or the Naked Lights.

All in all it was a very well-organised and pleasant occasion.

We're taking a break now, for the hols - see you again on Friday 12th September at the Lady of the Lake in Oulton Broad.

Rock Bodham audience enjoying the early evening sunshine

The View From The Stage

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Last Night at the Trowel and Hammer

Last night (12 July) was a great night at the Trowel and Hammer in Norwich - always great venue for us. For those who missed out, here is a selection of last night's music. The gig was extra-special in a bittersweet kind of way, for two reasons.

First, we used it to remember Bev, a work colleague of Gary 'Guitar' Smith and a fan of the band, who died recently.

Second, it was (but for a short set at the upcoming Rock Bodham festival) Paul Noon's last appearance as our lead singer, before he goes off to spend more time oiling his rod. As the Voice of Stealer for more than two years (like Henry, he joined early in 2012) we'll miss him. We all wish him well.

Therefore - welcome to the band our new singer Smurf, pictured left fronting his 'other' band, Harlow-based covers band The Donkeys. He came to the gig last night and some of you might even have met him.

Smurf is a true veteran of all things ROCK. A founder member of 1980's rockers Tobruk (he can be heard on three tracks of their album Recaptured), Smurf has played more gigs than all the rest of us put together have had hot dinners. Or just dinners.

Our advert specified that anyone replacing Paul had to have the kind of personality that made fire-breathing dragons stay at home in bed, David Coverdale plead the 'eadaches and Gene Simmons run sobbing to the toilet. The facility to hit the kind of high notes that distress air-traffic controllers and make bats fly upside down into walls. Smurf was the only one who fulfilled these demanding requirements.

Here is some soon-to-be collectible video of Smurf rehearsing with the band at the Secret Location. Over the summer break we'll be dusting off the set, retiring some well-loved old songs and bringing in some sparkly new ones for your listening pleasure.

Smurf's first gig as a member of the Stealer family will be at the Lady of the Lake in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, on Friday 12 September.

See you there!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Highway Hunters

What a party that was. The Highway Hunters Motorcycle Club 12th Annual Party, I mean, held over three whole days (count 'em) at the Greyhound pub (and fields adjacent) in Tibenham, which is as close to the middle of nowhere as you'll find in Norfolk (and that's saying something, if you know Norfolk.) We were the main entertainment on Saturday (yesterday, that is) and here are some happy snaps of the occasion.

The snaps of two men clad in leathers and lime-green mankinis traveling around the site on a mobility scooter have been censored for reasons of taste (but mainly I couldn't get a good shot…)

Thanks to Anita and everyone else at Highway Hunters for a great event!

Video clips are currently being posted as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

flower power - still alive in Norfolk

This is the way to travel

Paul appears to have something trapped in his beard.

The Excitement at Highway Hunters was In Tents

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hotter Than July

Can't believe July is upon us already. We have three gigs this month and each one is likely to be a corker. Please do come to any or all of them.

The first is the Highway Hunters Motorcyle Club meet at the Greyhound in Tibenham. This is a three-day festival and we're headlining, on Saturday 5 July.

The second is rather special - another date at Trowel and Hammer in Norwich on Saturday 12 July. The T&H has become one of our favourite venues and the regulars have always given us a warm welcome. This gig will be a tribute to a lovely lady and fan of the band called Bev, who died recently. But all will be welcome and it promises to be a big night.

Finally, on Saturday 26 July, we're playing at the Rock Bodham festival in Bodham, between High Kelling and Cromer. Here's the poster - this promises to be a great couple of days.

And then we're having a break!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Once more at the Trowel and Hammer

Stealer just after the Trowel and Hammer show (pic © Carron Houghton). From L-R Henry Gee, Gary Smith, Paul Noon, Kevin Anniss, Craig Humphrey. Henry Gee appears courtesy of the Sea Mammal Research Unit.

Thanks to the Trowel and Hammer in Norwich for inviting us to fill a cancellation at short notice last night. Last time we were there we were up against Eurovision - and we won.

This time our adversaries were not only the final of Britain's Got Talent, but also a World Cup friendly between England and Honduras - and we scored again.

The pub was full, and, of course, the more people there are, the better we play. Special thanks to the lady who came all the way from Wolverhampton to Norwich for a date - sadly her date didn't work out, but she stayed to watch us play - and she liked it so much that she'll be back with her mates on 12 July. Why not come and join her?

This picture was taken by Carron Houghton just after the gig. Thanks Carron!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Quite often people come up to us at gigs and say things like "great band! What did you say your name was?"

Well, no longer!

 For this afternoon I took delivery of this heavy duty PVC banner, and here it is, bitchin in mi kitchin...

Don't much like the look of that owl. It looks a bit shifty if you ask me.

Not that Stealer is ever likely to play in mi kitchin in the manner of Motörhead in The Young Ones, but at least when we go out on the road people will know who we are. Including us.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Night of the Unicorn

Our date at the Unicorn in Aylsham was a smash. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night - honorable mentions to Denise, Trevor and Paul (you are stars); Phil and Lynne; Rachel and Roo and the gang from Roadkill; and landlord Martin, who clearly likes the same music we do.

You can listen to a few tracks from the gig here.

We'll be back at the Unicorn on 17 October and we're already looking forward to it.

This picture shows what it meant to us …


On a more musical note (A-flat), Craig had a couple of new additions to his dazzling array of very shiny cymbals, one of which was this:


No, kids, it's not upside down - it's supposed to be like that. It's called a Chinese cymbal and when struck goes … well, think of up-market dustbin lid.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another One at the Trowel and Hammer

The Trowel and Hammer in Norwich liked us so much when we played there last that when a cancellation came up we were their first call. Astute readers of our Gigs page will therefore notice that we're playing there on Saturday 7 June, as well as Saturday 12 July.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Roadkill - The Movies

Don Pedro got so worked up at Roadkill that he shot us. Luckily he missed all vital organs and the band is recovering in hospital. You can watch the results as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rockin' At Roadkill

We like bikes. We like biker gear. We like biker music.

We like bikers - who are the finest people in the world, in our experience.

Just back from playing at the Spring Event at Roadkill. As last year we brought the good weather with us.

There was good music, good company, good food and good drink, washed down with Stealer, and a special guest appearance from Catweazle. Despite the fact that Henry's synth played everything a tone sharp during one song, and Craig had only remembered to bring his left-handed drumsticks, everyone was kind enough to say they enjoyed it.

There's video from the event as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Thanks, as ever, to Rachel and Roo and everyone at Roadkill, and to everyone who came - the event raised £960 for the Air Ambulance.

Here are some happy snaps from a glorious May afternoon in Cromer. IMG_8607IMG_8600 IMG_8601 IMG_8604 IMG_8603 IMG_8614 IMG_8602 IMG_8611 IMG_8615 IMG_8599 IMG_8613 IMG_8610
Who let Catweazle in?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Breaking June

What's left for May?

Well, this Sunday - 25th May - we'll be playing once again at Roadkill Customs in Cromer. Hope to see you there!

Then, on Friday 30th May we'll be at the Unicorn in Aylsham. Don't be lulled by the olde-worlde exterior: Aylsham's a real rock'n'roll town, and the last gig we played at the Unicorn was a blast.

We'll be taking a break in June for sport-related reasons. We only had one date in June, anyway - on 14th at the Green Gate in Caister. But when we realised that this would clash with the England-Italy game we decided that the best course would be an honorable retreat. Stealer is a great band, and all, but we felt that we couldn't take on England and Italy at the same time, even with Henry in the peak of match fitness, as he is.

This doesn't mean that we won't be meeting regularly at the Secret Location to work up new stuff, oh dear me no.

After the break we'll see you again on 5 July when we headline the Highway Hunters Bike Fest at the Greyhound in Tibenham.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Roadkill Customs

Last year we had a great time playing at the Roadkill Customs Spring charity event. Good people, good food, lots of shiny bikes. And trikes. And vintage trucks. And we liked it so much that we'll be playing this year's event.

This Saturday, 25 May, 12 noon 'til 4. We'll be playing from 1 pm.

Roadkill Customs, Old Station Yard, Upper Norwich Road, Cromer NR27 0HF. All contact details and directions here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Follow The Band On Twitter

We might be a load of old codgers whose musical taste doesn't extend much further forward than around 1976, but we're hip to the latest technical trends, we'll have you know. In particular, you can now follow us on Twitter.

So tune in your device, iGadget or whatever and follow us on @StealerClassicR.

This way you'll get immediate, up-to-the-minute news of gigs and other band-related stuff. Not to mention some of the other fairly random bits and pieces which float past Henry's deranged mind, as they happen.

Go on, you know you want to.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ch-ch-ch Changes

Oh noes! Paul Noon, Stealer's lead vocalist for the past two years - will be leaving the band in July.

It's hard not to be sad, given how much he's given to the band. If we weren't big and tough, we might cry.

Oh, heck, let's cry anyway.

(Sniffle. Sob.)

That's better. But the show, as they say, must go on. The quest for the Big Man's replacement starts here. But who could it be? Who could possibly replace Paul's titanic and terrifically towering tonsils?

Perhaps you know someone who could fit the bill? Hang on, it could even be you. If it is, try the following short quiz:

1. Do you happen to have the kind of voice that's powerful enough to register on the Richter Scale, and can go high enough to confuse passing bats? You do?

2. Do you have the kind of personality that would make most fire-breathing dragons want to stay at home in bed; make David Coverdale plead the 'eadaches and have Gene Simmons run sobbing to the lavatory? You have?

3. Are you totally committed to the Gods of 100% Classic Rock? You are?

That's brilliant! You scored three out of a perfect pair three! You could be Stealer's next lead singer!

Don't delay! Drop us a line right away!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stepping Westward

Stealer is always looking for new gigs in new places - well, one's come up, quite a way from our usual stomping grounds. We're down to play at the Maid's Head in Kings Lynn, a regular gig venue for those in the western part of Nelson's County. It's not for a while, though - 29th November. But good things always come to those who wait.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What A Party That Was...

Our friend Mark W. has been through more than most, so we were dead chuffed to be invited to play his 50th birthday bash tonight. It was a blast! Happy birthday Mark - may there be many more.

They sure went the whole hog...

full band shot courtesy Mark Sayer

full band shot courtesy Mark Sayer