Saturday, February 25, 2012

New from the Secret Location

Here's a photo Paul took from the Secret Location. Notice that he waited until Henry wasn't looking directly at the lens - and Humps was out of shot altogether...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Stealer to play at King Eddie's

Stealer has been big in the Yarmouth area, but has never quite had the support it deserves in Norwich.

Until now. To the gig at the Brickmaker's on 28 June can now be added 29 September at the King Edward VII, Aylsham Road, Norwich NR3 2HF.

So, no one but two chances for Norwich fans of good old-fashioned classic rock to indulge in some heads-down no-nonsense headbanging.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yet More from the Secret Location

Stealer is getting into the swing of rehearsing the new set. With barely three months to go before relaunch (see gig list to the right of this post) the band has accomplished much - but there is still much to be done, much to learn.

After a few weeks of low-key rehearsal in Paul's garage, the band is starting to bring in all the kit at the Secret Location, so that - eventually - it'll be able to rehearse the new show exactly as you'll see it in May.

Here, for example, is our man Gary sorting out his sound. He's got so many foot pedals he doesn't know which one to stomp on first. Next time Gary will bring the Orange combo he'll use on stage.

Meanwhile here's Kevin reacquainting himself with his Washburn 5-string active bass, after a comprehensive rewiring job by Craig.

Et finalement, a panoramic shot (below) of Henry's keyboard rig. And, in case you were wondering, that is an iPad, running [GEEK ALERT!] the Korg iMS20, a digital recreation in software of the celebrated Korg MS20 analog synth. Fed through the mixer and into a pair of Carlsbro 90W amps, with filters swept back to show all their teeth, low sawtooth drones come out in all their classic 1970s glory. The keyboard rig is about to get further ... er ... enhancements, so watch this space.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Two More Dates at Tracks

Two more dates for your diary, Saturday 9 June and Saturday 27 October, both regular gigs at Tracks@TheRailway in North Elmham, near Dereham. These are in addition to the Mayfest appearance on 5 May.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stealer to play at MayFest at Tracks

Stealer will kick off its Spring campaign at Tracks @ The Railway in North Elmham, near Dereham, as part of their regular Mayfest music festival. The Mayfest takes place between Friday 4 May and Sunday 6 May, and we'll be playing in the evening of Saturday 5th May. The venue is here, and for more details contact Brian or Barbara on 01362 668300. Tracks is a great venue, purpose built in a barn conversion next to the pub. The Mayfest itself has been going for a few years, bringing in campers and caravaners from all over the region, and bands of all kinds. But classic rock, says Barbara, would be just the thing for Saturday evening. And Stealer is nothing if not obliging.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More from the Secret Location

Here are some pictures Paul took at the Secret Location.
Image 5
IMG_5473Image 6
Image 2

A Secret Location

A bit of sleuthing by Paul discovered a new Secret Location for rehearsals. It was so secret that Paul and Henry couldn't find it at first. It turned out to be clean, warm, with a kitchen, easy for loading gear, and best of all it had a fine installed PA system. So inspired we cantered through a Deep Purple classic that Gary and Henry had been itching to play for more than thirty years, and all reached the end simultaneously, all of us together, and at the same time. This is a Secret Location we'll be using again.