Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Archives #1

While you're waiting for something to happen, here are some snaps of band members from the vaults to pass the time. Top left is Paul, some time ago, when he had hair. "All I can say is it's just as well I am so good-looking otherwise we'd have been a band fit for radio only," he says, candidly. Top right is Henry about twelve years ago with his (very) occasional band Kärnägë. In the middle (left) is Henry's massive rig about six years ago. Believe it or not, it got even bigger than that before it got smaller. Middle (right) is a very youthful Craig - picture supplied by Stuart Tate (thanks, Stuart.) Aw, Bless. At the bottom we return to normality with Craig and Kevin in full flight.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Stealer Gig Date

Stealer adds Tramway in Gorleston to it's 2012 End Of The World tour, playing there on 6 October.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stealer Setlist

We're currently having a friendly wrestle about songs we could put in the set. Henry's suggestion that we could whittle down everything to just four very long songs (2112, Supper's Ready, Stargazer and Space Truckin') with an even longer encore (more or less anything by Transatlantic) was politely ignored. Though, to be fair, Gary knows Stargazer. But then Gary knows everything.

So, after the last rehearsal, we all went home with a long list of possibles combined from the suggestions of everyone in the band. But do you folks out there in Stealerland have any special requests? Now's yer chance to contribute song ideas to our set - just email suggestions here. We can't guarantee we'll use them, but all suggestions will be gratefully received and duly mulled over next time we meet at our Secret Location. Be sensible, now.

Eight Gig Dates Announced

If you direct your eyes rightwards you'll see Stealer's list of upcoming gigs. They include a date at the Brickmakers in Norwich, voted as one of the best music venues in the region; three at the King's Head in Loddon, and four (count 'em) at O'Grady's in Great Yarmouth. Click on the links for venue details. Unless otherwise stated, kick off is at 9 pm.

Welcome to the New Stealer Site

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, and apart from that, a new year, a new era and a new website for Stealer - East Anglia's finest exponents of Classic Rock. Stealer has said goodbye to fabulous frontman Chris Smalley, who has decided to hang up his vocal chords and retire to spend more time with his remaining limbs. Replacing Chris is a big ask, but Gorleston's Finest has done it in the form of Paul Noon, a young feller from Worstead with a big rock voice and a love of Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and all things Rawk. Stealer has also unearthed a keyboard player called Henry Gee who totes his massive organ all the way from Cromer. Paul and Henry have been rehearsing with Kev, Gary and Craig at a Secret Location, dusting off the set, oiling the school cormorant and generally working hard to unleash a brand new Stealer - dateline sometime in May. Keep watching this site for updates, as well as the Friends of Stealer group on Facebook.