Get your denims and leathers on for the finest exponents of classic hard rock in Norfolk, if not the entire East of England. From AC/DC to ZZTop, Black Sabbath to Deep Purple, the Stones to the Faces, we cover the waterfront for an evening of wall-to-wall, heads-down, no-nonsense good time rock'n'roll. The kind that your Dad told you to turn down when you were a teenager. Stealer is available for parties, gigs, festivals, knees-ups, happenings, rave-ups, orgies, barmitzvahs and witches' sabbaths: contact us by email; by phone or text on 07595 547911; or on Facebook. Follow the band on Twitter @StealerClassicR

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The band has been a bit quiet for a while. First there was Craig's birthday. Happy birthday Craig! Then Henry went to Canada to see if he could become a lumberjack. Chopping down trees, eating his lunch, and going to the lavatory all worked out fine, but he couldn't quite cope with the transvestitism. High heels and a basque are not the right things to wear when felling a 300-foot giant sequoia. So he came home. The band is playing a private party on 3rd May and will be fully exposed to public view on the 10th May at a new venue for us - the Trowel and Hammer in Norwich. Meanwhile, if you're desperate for a fix of Stealer, visit our audio page where you can hear our 5-track demo - recorded at Ashwood Studios in Norwich - and also listen to more than two hours of Stealer in all its live and sweaty glory. Which should be quite enough for anybody.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Tale of Three Unicorns

It's always great to have the chance to play somewhere we've not played before. The Unicorn in Aylsham is just such a place, and on Fri 28 Feb we got that chance. It was a cracker of a gig (if we say so ourselves), and we seem to have made an impression. The pub was packed, and landlord Martin has invited us back for two more shows - Friday 30 May and Friday 17 October - so get 'em in your diaries. The Unicorn is a real rocker's pub. We think we might have made some new friends.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here's to Sir Horatio!

Stealer kicked off 2014 at the Lord Nelson in Gorleston last night (22nd Feb) in rock'n'roll style. Here are a few happy snaps of the occasion. And if that wasn't enough entertainment for one weekend, this afternoon (Sun 23rd) the Canaries beat Spurs 1-0 at home. Things don't get any better than this. Or do they? On Friday (28th) Stealer will rock the Unicorn in Aylsham. This is a new venue for us - we'd love your support.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Nelson and the Unicorn

Don't forget, Stealer fans - our first gig of 2014 is this Saturday, 22 February, at the Lord Nelson in Gorleston. Hoping to see you there.

If you can't make that, do get along to the Unicorn in Aylsham the following Friday, 28 February. This is a new venue for us - a kind of audition. So do come and pack the place, to ensure we get some return bookings. The Unicorn is just off the market square in central Aylsham: it's easy to find and there's plenty of parking either at the pub or in the town square itself.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

North Walsham Gig Rescheduled

Hi Stealer fans - the King's Arms in North Walsham has kindly rescheduled our cancelled 7 Feb giig to Friday 28 March. A date for your diaries.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

7 Feb gig Cancelled

Sad to say we've had to cancel our gig at the King's Arms in North Walsham on 7 Feb due to band illness. Rock Gods don't get Rockier or more Godlike than Stealer, but even Rock Gods get ill. Send no flowers...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Solstice from Stealer!

A Merry Solstice from Stealer! Thanks for all your support over the past year. We'll be back on the road in February (see our gig page for details.)

While you are waiting, get a fix of Stealer on our Sound and Vision page. We've uploaded some new live audio tracks. We could also do with some decent video - so if you are handy with a video camera, why not come to a Stealer gig and film it? We'd happily host your footage with due credit.