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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Down at the Dock

Thanks to everyone who came to pack out the Dock Tavern in Gorleston tonight (21st February) for our first gig in seven months, and the first with Iain out the front. If you had half as much fun as we did, then we had twice as much fun as you did.

We've posted a selection of tracks on Soundcloud (yes, I guess you had to be there.) And here are a couple of happy snaps. We are always pleased to have more! Feel free to upload them to our tumblr account.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gorleston Calling ...

Here we are earlier today having a full-dress rehearsal for our upcoming gigs, which start at the Dock Tavern in Gorleston on 21 February.

And let's have a warm welcome for Kevin Mason, our new man on the desk!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nix No-Noise Nimbies Now!

All fans of live music should get behind this petition [no matter that the writer has trouble with his English - 'innumerate' instead of 'innumerable'. Doh. Ed.]

It calls on the government to block those moving into premises near pre-existing live music venues from objecting to noise from said venues.

At the moment, just one complaint from a nearby nimby can close down a pub or club, taking away someone's livelihood and reducing live entertainment opportunities for bands and fans alike.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Down To Earth

While you were all outside lighting sparklers and setting off rockets, the new line-up - complete with singer Iain - got down to work at the Secret Location, bashing out the bones of no fewer than five new numbers. 

We have a lot to get through as we've given the old set a thorough clean-out. Many of the old stalwarts have been put back in the toy cupboard and we're going to be trying out a whole raft of new tunes.

I shouldn't really tell you what we were working on, but as you asked so nicely, they were 'Empty Rooms' (Gary Moore), 'All The Way From Memphis' (Mott The Hoople), 'You Better You Bet' (The Who), 'Nothing Else Matters' (Metallica) and 'Turn It On Again' (Genesis). As we were packing up, Gary, Craig and Kevin jammed on 'Day Of The Eagle' (Robin Trower), so we'll fling that one in, too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A New Arrival

Hope against hope, snatching the jaws of victory from defeat and so on and so forth in like fashion, we seem to have … deep breath … a new singer.

It happened like this.

Guitar Gary went to see local band Mother Black Cap performing at the weekend. We knew from way back that singer Iain Jackson was keen to join us, but the stars had never lined up properly.

Iain and Gary went to the gents and exchanged bodily fluids telephone numbers, the upshot being that Iain came to join us at the Secret Location earlier today, and, well, not to put to fine a point on it, and buttering no parsnips, but Iain is now the lead vocalist of Stealer.


But wait, not so fast.

Iain has still to fulfil his remaining commitments with Mother Black Cap and has some other projects on the go, so you won't be seeing the new-look Stealer for a few months yet. We're currently booking dates for the Spring of 2015. But this will give us all the opportunity to give the set a long-overdue clear out, and to get some new numbers into the show.

Once again, thanks to all our friends far and near for their continuing support through our recent near-death experience.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

End Of An Era

Unable to find a lead singer, Stealer is going into indefinite hibernation mode. The band would like to thank our many friends for their support over the years.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Singer and Gig Update

A quick note that due to a diary malfunction our gig at the Unicorn in Aylsham on 17 October has been postponed to 22 November.

In the meantime we've been auditioning for singers. We haven't found the right one yet - so if you think you have what it takes … get in touch with us immediately, if not sooner.